All In One WordPress Security plugin user interface

A short overview of WordPress Security plugins

Here is an overview of various Security plugins in WordPress.

All in One WP Security
BulletProof Security
iThemes Security
Shield Security
Sucuri Security
WP Cerber
My thoughts on the security plugins.

I installed the plugin Query Monitor to see how much resource each plugin takes. After installing Query Monitor I selected to go to the frontend of the site and in the black top admin bar where it shows various numbers (Query Monitor shows seconds, MB’s etc) I selected in the drop down Queries. Here is the list. The smaller the number the less resources it uses and the better that is. On the bottom we have WP Cerber (uses the least resources). On the top we have WP Simple Firewall aka Shield Security (uses the most resources).

Query Monitor WordPress plugin Queries by Component
Query Monitor WordPress Queries by Component.

All In One WP Security

Offers a lot of features. Click each section and discover additional tabs offering features.
WP Security has a really helpful Security Strength Meter which changes based on which features are turned on. To the right one can also see the Security Points Breakdown which shows what has been activated.

All In One WordPress Security plugin
All In One WordPress Security plugin

BulletProof Security

The options are probably what is needed, but I find the options hard to navigate. It would also be helpful to have an overview/Dashboard screen. I also find the interface somewhat messy.

BulletProof WordPress Security plugin interface
BulletProof WordPress Security plugin interface.


Start’s with a one click configuration screen. Which sets up the recommended defaults. It was very easy to setup. (It did though briefly go to an error page before moving on to the Dashboard overview screen.)
The free plugin is intertwined with Pro features making the free plugin feel crippled as if it does not contain enough features.

Defender WordPress Security plugin interface
Defender WordPress plugin interface.

iThemes Security

A very messy setup screen. One can skip the setup to have default settings automatically activated.
One goes through the various sections and explores the various settings.

iThemes WordPress Security plugin interface
iThemes WordPress Security plugin interface.


SecuPress has three main sections. Scanners, Modules (contains a lot of settings) and More Security (which is a link to the SecuPress web site.) The interface is very helpful and easy to understand. Scrolling the below page shows the Good and Bad items which the plugin mentions should be fixed.

SecuPress WordPress Security plugin interface
SecuPress WordPress Security plugin interface.

Shield Security

Has a 7 step welcome wizard that contains videos to guide one through what each step does.
Shield Security has a Security Dashboard.

Shield WordPress Security plugin interface
Shield WordPress Security plugin interface.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security plugin is well known and many use it to secure their web sites. They also have an online site check scanner. The plugin has less open settings compared to other security plugins.

Sucuri WordPress Security plugin interface
Sucuri WordPress Security plugin interface.


After installing Wordfence it brings up a screen asking where it should send security alerts.
It wants me to “Resume installation”. The initial start feels confusing. It has various sidebar options to protect the web site.

Wordfence WordPress Security plugin interface
Wordfence WordPress Security plugin interface.

WP Cerber

Has a “Getting Started Guide” link which is seen as a notification above the Installed plugins screen. The link goes to: The following screenshot shows the features just below the latest features overview.

WP Cerber WordPress Security plugin interface
WP Cerber WordPress Security plugin interface.

My thoughts on the above Security plugins.

Many of the WordPress security plugins offer very much of the same features. Read various reviews and try them out and see which you would like to use. I have used All in One WP Security on a number of sites, WP Cerber on another site and for other sites I have used iThemes Security and Sucuri Security.


Another security tutorial that I have is: Security tips.

Other plugins I want to take a closer look at…
BBQ Firewall
BC Security
Stop Spammer Security
WP Encryption


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