Facebook Developer Page Plugin Like Box.

Add a Facebook Feed (Like Box)

1 – Manually adding a Facebook Feed
2 – Plugins that help you add a Facebook Feed.

This can only be done with a Facebook page. Not a profile or a group. Further below I have also added links to a few plugins that can be used. I have used Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed Pro on multiple sites.

Manually adding a Facebook Feed

Go to: https://developers.facebook.com/ and login to manually add the Like Box.
Click My Apps.
Click Add a New App.

Create A New App Facebook Like Box
Create A New App Facebook Like Box

Click the Security Check. Then click Submit.

It then goes to an overview page of various products that can be added.
Scroll to the bottom and click See More Products.
Click Social PluginsRead Docs link.

Scroll to the Like Box (Deprecated)
Click: Please use the new Page Plugin instead.
This link: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin

Page Plugin

Here is an example from a Facebook Page I help run. Norwegian Ecological/Sustainable Society. I first tried adding my own Facebook profile and then a group, but they did not show a preview, and these will not show up. It only works for Facebook Pages.

Facebook Developer Page Plugin Like Box.
Facebook Developer Page Plugin Like Box.

I adjusted and then Clicked the Get Code button.

In the top switch over to using an IFrame.
Choose the App-ID.

Facebook Developer Like Box Get Code IFrame.
Facebook Developer: Like Box – > Get Code -> IFrame.

Copy the iframe code.

Example ways of showing the Facebook Feed (Like Box).
In a page or post using Gutenberg. Add a Custom HTML block. Paste in the IFrame code.
Click Preview to view what it looks like.

In a Widget. Sidebar or footer. Adding a Custom HTML widget and pasting the code into it.

Adding the code through the customizer in a Custom HTML widget an error might show up.
There is an allowTransparency code that needs to be changed to allowtransparency with a lowercase t. After adjusting the T to t the error goes away.

Facebook Feed plugins.

I did a search for WordPress Facebook Feed plugins, and came across the WordPress repository page. With a search for Facebook Feed:
The search page shows various plugins that have a Facebook Feed feature. Here are the top 4 seen in the search results.

WordPress plugins Facebook Feed (Like Box)

I have used Custom Facebook Feed Pro for multiple pages. It gives a lot of ways to customize the Facebook Like Box. It can take Facebook information from a page or group. A high rated plugin. Here is a link to the free plugin Smash Balloon Social Post Feed with over 300.000 users.


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