Automatic Updates WordPress more details

Automatic Updates for WordPress Core

Selecting to auto update WordPress, themes and plugins in Core.

Back in 2016 Shiny Updates project had a goal to make things nicer and easier to use. This made the plugin and theme adjustments easier to handle. We also began some talks about Automatic Core, themes, plugins and translation update adjustments, but this aspect was thought outside the scope of Shiny Updates as the time. It was put on freeze.

There is now a fresh breeze again to add Automatic Updates into WordPress Core.
As brought about in Matt’s 9 priorities for 2019.

I have made a few wireframes based on the following projects.

Automatic Updater plugin by Pento. One of the WordPress Core Developers.

Update Control WordPress Plugin

In addition I also helped improve the user interface for the Easy Updates Manager plugin.

Easy Updates Manager WordPress plugin

My wireframe suggestion would be to add automatic updates to Core as well as selecting specific themes or plugins to update manually. The below is meant as inspiration for how it could look.

WordPress Updates main screen
WordPress Updates main screen

Going to the plugin tab one could select which plugins to autoupdate and which to manually update.

WordPress Updates Plugins Screen
WordPress Updates Plugins Screen

Simplifying the update screen

One check box to turn on Automatic WordPress Updates.
Then check boxes for turning on each individual section such as Core, Plugins, Themes and Translations.

Automatic Updates WordPress less details
Automatic Updates WordPress less details

Click All Updates – Plugins – Themes or Translations to open up a more detailed overview.

Automatic Updates WordPress more details
Automatic Updates WordPress more details

I also made a WordPress trac ticket: (The reason to why I added a ticket is that this is the official way to get something adjusted or added to WordPress. It begins with a ticket so that the Core developers get information about it.)

Shiny Updates:

My automatic updates plugin article.

This article was originally published 25 December 2018.


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