Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin Form screen

Contact Form 7 Customization tutorial

After installing and activating Contact Form 7 a new sidebar item is seen named Contact with the sub sections Contact Forms, Add New and Integration.

Going to Contact Forms one can see a list of the forms. By default Contact form 1 will be seen. Clicking the title or hovering and clicking edit one enters the Edit Contact Form screens.

Form screen.

Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin Form screen
Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin Form screen

Here one can add new fields and or modify the existing fields.
Go to the Contact Form 7 documentation to learn more about the fields.

Mail screen – admin/receiver e-mail.

Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin Mail screen
Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin Mail screen

Mail section one fills out information which will be send to the admin/receiver of the user submitted e-mails.

The default form has prefilled areas to show you a way to setup the form.

To: Instead of the form tag seen one can fill out the e-mail of the person receiving the e-mail.
From: Here one must fill in an e-mail address that uses the domain the form is located on. For instance or a custom e-mail used for the domain.
Subject: One can use a form tag as seen in the screenshot or use a predefined text.
Additional headers: Shows the reply to e-mail address of the user who submitted the form.
Message body: Here one adds the form tags which will be seen in the e-mail the admin/receiver gets.

Mail (2) – Autoresponder.

Mail (2) is setup for the user who submitted the form.

To: User submitted e-mail.
From: Here one can setup a custom e-mail that uses the domain as part of the e-mail, or one can use the default address.
Subject: Use a predefined or a form tag.
Additional headers: Use a custom e-mail or default e-mail address.
Message body: This is the auto responder message the user will get.

Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin Mail autoresponder screen
Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin Mail autoresponder screen

Some tips

In working on a customers Contact Form 7 I came across a way to add a prechecked checkbox. Adding a default:1 will make the first checkbox prechecked. If checkbox two was to be prechecked I would add default:2.

<label> Signup for our newsletter.
[checkbox newsletter use_label_element default:1 "Yes"]

Spam protection.

Honeypot field.
Use a honeypot field to add an invisible field which only autobots will fill out. Autobots are programs that automatically send e-mails to a lot of people. Adding a honeypot field adds the invisible for humans when they look at the form field but bots will fill it in. When a honeypot field is filled in it will not send. More info about honeypots here:

Install and activate the Akismet plugin.
Example. Adding an additional information to the email field.

Email [email* mail akismet:author_email]

The above is just the beginning of a longer Contact Form 7 tutorial. More will be added at a later time.

This tutorial was originally written 25 March, 2013 and updated 9 April , 2017.

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