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Contributing to WordPress

As one gets involved in various areas of WordPress one also gets “stars” showing where one has contributed. Here is my profile on which also shows the areas I have contributed to.

Paal Joachim Romdahl profile at wordpress org
Paal Joachim Romdahl’s profile at

1. Lets say that there is an area in Gutenberg I find especially unfinished or not working. I would go to the github repository: do a few searches. If I do not find an issue for it I would make one. Add some wireframes/screenshots and some ideas as to why it needs to be fixed/added etc. I might also post in the core editor slack channel asking about how to proceed.

Here is a nice look to take a closer look at:

2. Lets say that I am a dev with good JavaScript and React skills. I might also create a pull request on Github where I am with code suggesting how to get it fixed. Core dev contributors will also need to check through the code.

So for anybody who has dev (UiI/UX or testing skills or who just want to help improve Gutenberg) it would be awesome if you can take the step into finding your own way to contribute.

This post is originally from 17th August 2014.

Just a moment ago there was a chat for features as plugins for 3.9.
A list of these new work groups will likely be set up at: and then at

At the end of the chat discussion came to how difficult it is for the newcomer to contribute to WordPress, and of feeling left out, afraid of asking questions. I know a few things about this myself, as I helped out in a few of the features as plugin groups for 3.8.

But as nacin the general lead developer for WordPress said after closing the official chat:
“Please never worry about pissing off a developer or doing something wrong or wasting someone’s time. I get pissed at developers who get pissed off at contributors. ”

It is better to step into it and ask and take a chance then just letting it go. It is fun contributing at whatever level. I have made a few mockups along the way for core groups in 3.8 and that was a lot of fun.

Here is a good article in taking part:


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