GiveWP WordPress donation plugin Reports Overview

Give Donation WordPress plugin walk through

GiveWP WordPress donation plugin banner
GiveWP WordPress donation plugin banner.

The Give donation plugin for WordPress. The plugin contains form templates to help create your fundraising campaigns. It also contains fundraising reports and donor management.

A WPGive setup wizard is seen after installing and activating the plugin.

  1. Cause
    Individual – Organization – Other
    What are you fundrasing for -drop down-
    Would you like to join the GiveWP Community?
    Button: Accept & Continue or Skip joining community
  2. Location
    Country, State / Province, Currency
    Button: Continue
  3. Features – What do you need in your first donation form?
    Donation goal, Donation comments, Terms & conditions, Offline Donations, Anonymous donations and/or Company donations.
    Button: Continue
  4. Preview – Check our your first donation form!
    This form is customized based on your responses. (Can also be customized further.)
    Button: Continue
  5. Add-ons – What else do you need to support your cause? (Premium)
    Recurring donations, Donors cover fees, PDF receipts, Custom Form fields, Multiple Currencies and/or Dedicate donations.
    Button: Continue

Goes to the GiveWP Setup Guide screen.

Going through the GiveWP plugin settings

All Forms

Shows the initial wizard created form. If one was created.

Add Form – Add New Donation Form

I am sharing this screenshot as it shows the general form options that can be added to the form.

GiveWP WordPress plugin Add New Donation Form
GiveWP WordPress plugin Add New Donation Form.

Setup – GiveWP Setup Guide

Step 1: Create your first donation form.
First-Time Configuration has now been crossed out because I went through the wizard.

Step 2: Connect a payment gateway.
Connect to PayPal
Connect to Stripe
GiveWP has also support for other gateways including, Square, Razorpay and more. View all gateways.

Step 3: Level up your fundraising
GiveWP Add-ons

Get the most out of GiveWP.
GiveWP Getting Started Guide.


Gives an overview of donation reports. (One can also see an example report.)
Revenue for Period (graph) – By Date, Day, Week, Month, Year, All time.
Revenue Breakdown – Date, Donors, Donations, Refunds, Net.
Payment methods, Payment statuses, Form performance, Donation activity, Top donors
A lot of important stats.

GiveWP WordPress donation plugin Reports Overview
GiveWP WordPress donation plugin Reports Overview.


A list of donations.


A list of donors.


Currency l Access Control l Sequential Ordering
Success Page
Failed Donation Page
Donor Dashboard Page
Override Legacy Donation Management Pages
Base Country

Payment Gateways
Connect with Stripe
Test Mode
Enabled Gateways

Default Options
Form Fields l Post Types l Taxonomies l Terms and Conditions
Name Title Prefix
Company Field
Last Name Field Required
Anonymous Donations
Donor Comments

Donor Emails
l Admin Emails l Email Settings l Contact Information
Donation Receipt
Offline Donation Instructions
User Registration Information
Donation Note
Email access

GiveWP WordPress donation plugin Settings Emails
GiveWP WordPress donation plugin Settings Emails.

Activate an Add-on License, Upload and Activate an Add-on.

Advanced Options l Akistmet SPAM Protection l Stripe
Default GiveWP Styles
Remove Data on Uninstall
Default User Role
the_content filter
Script Loading Location
Setup Page
From Page URL Prefix
Advanced Database Updates
GiveWP Cache

Recurring Donations
Increase your fundraising with Recurring Donations. Learn More.


Donation History
PDF of Donations and Revenue
Revenue and Donation Stats
GiveWP Settings

GiveWP WordPress donation plugin Tools Export
GiveWP WordPress donation plugin Tools -> Export.

GiveWP Settings

Logs overview

API overview

Database updates
Recount stats

System Info
Get System Report
Understanding the System Report

Must Have Add-ons
View Pricing Plans
Additional Add-ons
Get a Free Add-on!

Article was originally published 11 May 2015. Updated 6 January 2016.


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