How to record a screencast

Using a headset to cancel out the fan noise from the computer.

Before I began using a headset to record my Screencasts it could suddenly become noisy as the fan inside my Macbook Pro turned its self on. I looked for ways on handling this and found a headset that would cancel out the fan noise.

I created a video tutorial to compare the before and after.

I was frustrated with the fan noise showing up in the screencast recordings that I did with my Macbook Pro, so I decided to purchase a headset with a microphone. Connected through the USB port the microphone works great and does not pick up the noise from the fan.

In the first part I created a recording with the internal microphone. It contained lots of noise from the fan.

In the second part I used the Beyerdynamic MMX 2 headset which includes a microphone. When the headset is connected through the USB port it will not pick up any noise from the fan.

System Preference – Sound – changed to Unknown USB Audio Device and checked the input level.
— An easier way to do this is by holding down the alt/option key and left clicking the volume button on the top right menu area on your desktop.

Opened the Screenflow – Configure Recording (under the screenflow icon on the top right area of the menu bar) Changed the Record Audio From: Unknown USB Audio Device.

Here is an alternative for the PC and MAC.

This article was originally written 2 March – 2013.


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