Inspect browser Run Command WordPress General Settings

How to take a screenshot in Brave and Chrome browsers

Sometimes we need to create a full page screenshot and it is easier than I thought using the Brave or Chrome browsers without having to add an extension. Here is an example where I take a full page screenshot of the Settings General screen in WordPress. The steps to take a screenshot.

Here is a video that goes through the steps.

The written steps.

1- Right click and select Inspect.

Inspect browser WordPress General Settings

2- In the developer tools. Select the 3 vertical dots in the top right. Notice the Run command option and click it.

Inspect browser Run Command WordPress General Settings

3- Beside Run > Write screenshot and notice the options that come up. Select Capture full size screenshot.

Inspect browser Run Command Capture full size screenshot WordPress General Settings

4- Notice the popup dialog box give the option to Save As, Tags, Where and Cancel and Save buttons. Save the screenshot.

5- Open the screenshot and notice the full page screenshot.

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