Macaw a new web design software

The Macaw software does not exist any longer. It was purchased by Invision and perhaps integrated into their software. This article was originally written 11 august 2014.

The various links to do not work any longer.
Here are some videos which shows how it worked. I am recreating this article as the videos can give inspiration.

Macaw 2014

30th of March.

A sneak peak before the Macaw web design tool was released.

31st of March.

An introduction to Macaw.

How Macaw helps you build responsive websites.

Responsive design with Macaw

Responsive Images with Macaw

Getting to Know Macaw’s Tools.

Macaw Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Memorize

Global Styles with Macaw

Interactive Design with Macaw – The code-savvy web design tool

The following video tutorials are some of the Macaw tutorials listed in this channel from Devoth.

Lukasz Mazurek Youtube channel.

Macaw tutorial – vertically centering child elements

Macaw tutorial – Creating a full width header

Macaw – merging image into background idea

Macaw tutorial – Adding icons to a full width header

Macaw tutorial – links and image links in Macaw

Another link to Macaw material.


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