WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin Settings screen

One solution to be able to send out emails from your web site

Having problems sending and or receiving emails from a web site?

I had trouble sending emails from some client sites after a major change at the Norwegian web host ProISP. If you happen to be using ProISP then also check this guide. Sende epost fra webhotell / nettsider vha. API
The below information should be enough though.

To take care of the sending emails issue I had to install WP Mail SMTP plugin.
I skipped the setup wizard and went back to the dashboard.

WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin Settings screen
WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin Settings screen

In the WP Mail SMTP -> Settings -> General screen.

I adjusted From Email to an address from the domain being worked on.
It can be the default (use the domain that is being worked on) or an existing user email address connected to the domain.

If you are using the Norwegian webhost ProISP
and an unique email address and not the default wordpress then you will need to login to the client account at ProISP and go to Webhosting -> Webhotell -> Click the account you are to use -> Utgående epost Then autherize/click the drop down and select the email to authorize to be used for outgoing email.

Moving onward…
Force from Email can be checked or not.
From Name. I left it on the default name that came up.
Skipped checking Force From Name and Set the return-path to match From Email.
Mailer: I left it on default PHP.

WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin Settings screen Mailer default PHP
WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin Settings screen Mailer default PHP

Then further down clicked Save Settings.

Went to the WP Mail SMTP -> Tools. Send a Test Email. I clicked to Send Email.
The test email went through even though there was a kind of warning message saying: “The mailer you’ve selected (mail) is not currently supported by our Domain Checker. To make sure you’ve fully completed all setup steps, please be sure to check out our step-by-step mailer guides.”

It worked and the various contact forms the client sites have are now sending out the emails.

An alternative:

POST SMTP Mailer – Email log, Delivery Failure Notifications and Best Mail SMTP for WordPress plugin.

ProISP: Serverinformasjon for oppsett av e-post


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