The lego framework and WordPress

Originally posted 20 January 2014.

When I was young I played with legos. Now I play with WordPress.

Posted originally at the Shoestrap theme forum. Modified below.

Build a figure by following a drawn instruction pamplet, or just use your imagination.
– Set together lego pieces to create a group.
– Set groups together to create the figure.

Lego Framework WordPress style

– A box full of options to choose from.
– Select options gather them into modules. (Or modify existing modules.)
– Select the modules and add them to the skeleton framework.

A library of well documented options. Showing code and how to use these options screenshots.
How to build a module.
How to add modules into the framework. Styling: Tabs top, sidebar menu items etc.

Check out my post on the Coming Soon Pro plugin which has a great UI for options. The plugin has a menu button inside the WordPress Settings area. Uses Tabs on the top of the options to go between various sections. It does not clutter the WordPress interface at all, and is very nice and clear to understand.

Projects I have found that are working on the Lego Framework as I view them (from my designer point of view): (The developer has also created the Shortcodes ultimate plugin.)

An existing framework to take a closer look at is the ReduxFramework. It has a lot of options but has not yet as I know of developed a good way to turn on or off options. For a developer (or designer) to go easily into the code and adjust. Easy to use are keywords here.

Instead of having multiple projects spread it would be good to find a common ground to create the options library, how modules are set together and the skeleton framework in which each developer can adjust as they choose.

Hey ma! I built a WordPress dinosaur!


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