The SEO Framework WordPress plugin settings

The SEO Framework

An overview of the SEO Framework WordPress plugin.

The Yoast SEO and All in One SEO plugins are very different from The SEO Framework. I have added tutorials to show the settings each contain. To give an overview of what features each offer.

The SEO Framework WordPress plugin settings
The SEO Framework WordPress plugin settings.

SEO Settings


General Settings

SEO Bar Settings and Counter Settings.

Title Settings

Automated Title Settings, Example Page Title Output, Title Separator and Automated Title Settings.

Description Meta Settings

Description Settings and Automated Description Settings.

Homepage Settings

Meta Title and Meta Description

Social meta Settings

Social Meta Tag Settings, Social Title Settings, Social Image Settings, Social Image Fallback URL, Theme Color Settings and Site Shortlink Settings. Settings Output Settings, Site Structure Options, Breadcrumbs and Sitelink Searchbox.

Robots Meta Settings

Advanced Query Protection, Paginated Archive Settings, Copyright Directive Settings, Maximum text snippet length, Maximum image preview size and Maximum video preview length.

Webmaster Meta Settings

Webmaster Integration Settings, Google Search Console/Bing/Yandex/Baidu and Pinterest Verifications codes.

Sitemap Settings

Sitemap Integration Settings, Sitemap Output and Sitemap Query Limit.

Feed Settings

Content Feed Settings and Change Feed Settings.


General Settings

Performance Settings, Query Alteration Settings and Transient Cache Settings.

Title Settings

Automated Title Settings, Example Title Output




The SEO Framework Extensions

The core version if free and one can add extensions. Some are free others are premium.
The SEO Framework Extension Manager.
Overview of extensions:


Guides through the writing of targeted content that ranks with focused keywords. (Premium)


Enhanced published posts by automatically adding structured data. Also includes a Google News Sitemap. (Premium)


Catches comment spammers using lightweight methods that will not leak data from your site. (Premium)


Helps connect the website to third-party services. For instance Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. (Premium)


Let’s you set up local business information for search engines. (Premium)


Binds The SEO Framework to the AMP plugin for AMP supported articles and pages. (Free)


Keeps track of the website’s SEO optimizations and statistics. (Premium)


Hides all development-comments from The SEO Framework. (Free)


Redirects attachment-page visitors back to the parent post. (Free)

Title Fix

Makes sure the title output is as configured. (Free)


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