Themify Ultra theme Settings Skins and Demos

The Themify Framework

Going through the Themify Framework.

Back in 2014 I used the themes and they offered a really good framework of various options. Unlike many other themes at the time. Over the years more and more people are using their themes which is really nice to see.

Themify framework 2021

I selected the Themify Ultra theme.
“The most powerful & flexible WordPress theme by Themify. Suitable for most general sites and ecommerce.”

After installing and activating the Ultra theme the Skins & Demos is the first area that shows up. Here one can choose from various skins/designs to use as a starter for the site that is to be created.

Themify Ultra theme Settings Skins and Demos
Themify Ultra theme Settings Skins and Demos.

The Themify Ultra Settings

Themify Ultra Settings
Themify Ultra Settings

The Themify Ultra WordPress sidebar menu submenu sections

Themify Settings
Saved Layouts
Layout Parts
Global Styles
Custom Fonts
System Status
Install Plugins

Customize has a Basic and and Advanced area. Here is an overview of the Basic sections.

Themify Ultra customize Options Basic
Themify Ultra customize Options Basic.

Themify framework 2014

Of course a lot has changed since back in 2014. Here is the original article from 8 February 2014.

The awesome Themify Framework!

Showing some of the options that I find most valuable in the Themify Framework options.
(Themify has released a new version of their framework that looks totally different then what is seen below.)

I have been using a greatly modified child theme of the Basic theme for a long time. A few reasons is that Themify has built a very nice Framework to go along with their themes.

The Themify Framework has its own sidebar item containing Settings, Documentation and Rebuild Thumbnails.
The first section I usually go to is

Themify Settings -> Default Layouts.

The section is split into three parts.
Archive – posts – pages.

Themify Framework Settings Default from 2014.

Themify Settings -> Theme Settings

Here one can easily add Footer text and turn off the RSS and Search buttons.

Themify Framework Settings Theme Settings from 2014.

Themify Settings -> Social Links

Add or remove social links.

Themify Framework Settings Social Links from 2014.

Themify Settings -> Builder

Turn on or off Themify Page Builder modules.
For a different way of creating your pages/posts try the Page Builder.
It works on the back and frontend.
My post on:  Themify Page Builder options.

Themify Framework Settings Themify Builder from 2014.

Settings -> Styling -> Background

Style various areas of the background here or in your stylesheet.
As you can see from the left menu there are also many other areas to check out as well.
I personally do not use much of the options in the Styling section as I prefer to add CSS directly
to the stylesheet that I use.

Themify Framework Styling Background from 2014.

Settings -> Skins

Here you can choose from various colors or layouts for your theme. I would have liked more options here.
For instance to add my own skins/styles to this section. It is possible but only in a parent theme not inside a child theme. Which means it will likely be overwritten when updating the parent theme.

Themify Framework Skins from 2014.

Page Options

Themify also has a Custom Panel one can find below the page content in the page screen.

Themify Custom Panel Page Options

Here you can adjust the sidebar layout and if needed also hide the page title (hiding page titles can also be done inside the Settings -> Default framework section.)

Themify Custom Panel Page Options. 2014 version.

Themify Query Posts

I took a screenshot from the backend home page. It uses the WordPress plugins category ID 7 to show at the top of the home page Descending order, by date, the layout contains three icons beside each other. Check further below to see what it looks like.

Themify Custom Panel Query Posts from 2014.

The home page from the frontend.

Easy Web Design Tutorials.  Home page view from 2014.
Easy Web Design Tutorials. Home page view from 2014.

I could go into Themify Framework Settings -> Styling -> Headings
and change the font. But I have not done so yet. As there are a lot nicer fonts to use
then the one I am using. The rest of the home page shows various posts to give information
to the visitor on what I am writing about.

Themify Custom Panel Post Options.

There is also a Themify Custom Panel Post Options.
With a lot of good options to use with your posts.

Themify Custom Panel Post Options from 2014.

There are a LOT of good options to help you in your WordPress site creation!
I have been using my own customized child theme of the free theme Basic for quite a while now and will likely continue to do so as well. That is until I find something that I like even better. Even after two years I have still not found something I want to switch it out with.

Check out the free themes to get a hands-on feel to how they work.

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