Useful WordPress site helper tools

Site helper tools can be many things. I decided to focus this tutorial on Site staging sites and ways to detect with a site is made with WordPress or not.

Staging sites
Is the site using WordPress?

qSandbox – “Staging Sites Made Easy”

It is real easy to create a free site here and use it to show what the site looks like to the client.
Or create multiple sites used in a classroom setting. 


Launch WordPress sites in less than a second
Test your next WordPress Idea

Demo sites with admin access so your potential customers can try your plugins & themes.


Is the site using WordPress?

On occasion I wonder if a site is using WordPress and if they are which theme and plugins are they using. I will check one of the following sites.

Find out which websites are built with WordPress?

Get information about their WordPress hosting, WordPress theme, WordPress plugins & more.

Find out what websites areBuilt With

Identify technologies on websites

Find out the technology stack of any website. Create lists of websites that use certain technologies, with company and contact details. Use our tools for lead generation, market analysis and competitor research.

WP Theme Detector

Additional online site checker sites:

Choose plugin

Choose the best one between 66 369 free WordPress plugins from the official repository.


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