Why I choose to use the Blocksy WordPress theme

I have for a few years been looking for a WordPress theme that could replace Genesis Framework as well as the retired Beans Framework which I have been using. A year ago I came across Blocksy theme which offers features that I need.

  • It has a lot of very helpful options added to the customize. These are fairly easy to use.
  • It has a strong performance!
  • I enjoy using it!
  • Currently it is easier to use compared to WordPress Full Site Editing themes.
Blocksy WordPress Theme Key Features.

Why I use the WordPress Blocksy theme.

Introduction: Customize settings Blocksy WordPress theme

A closer look at some of the Customize settings in Blocksy.

Introduction: Blocksy WordPress theme part 2.

Customize options.

Going from free to Premium version of Blocksy

The following video shows just one reason why to upgrade from the free version of Blocksy to the Premium version.

I am showing the process of upgrading from the free to premium version.


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