WordPress Media Structure Ideas

Originally posted 22 August 2014.

At the WordPress.org forums there is a section called ideas.


Anyone can suggest an idea and others can then add to it and vote on it.

I just added the “A better media structure” idea. (There is really nothing new about it)


I would like to see a better media structure.

– Being able to rename the uploads folder to media or other name.
– Drag a folder with images onto the upload images dialog box. Having the folder added to the uploads/media folder.
– Seeing a folder inside the Media library list.
– Creating folders and tags inside the media library.
– Having only one copy of each image.
– Setting different sizes through an improved Settings -> Media section. One image just used in different sizes.
– Max size of image OR resizing to max image size.
– Being able to bulk or quick edit download of media.
….. what else?

Do please add to this list.

Post at the ideas forums – link above.


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