WordPress User Interface mockups

The following are User Interface mockups for WordPress or any other CMS for that matter that can use a similar approach. I use a template driven, drag and drop, what you see is what you get approach to all elements of a page. Even though this is shown as part of the backend. It could instead be added directly to the frontend. These are ideas to be shared far and wide and is an approach that I would like to see implemented. uses a kinda similar approach but is a lot more basic then what I suggest.

I have also created a video to show the mockups to better explain my ideas.
Text and images are further below.

WordPress User interface mockup

All Pages/posts/categories

Category which is color labeled from the Categories section.


Edit Category

Can be similar to creating a page/post to contain the same consistency.

Differences are Layout Styles and adding a color label to a category.



Adobe Dreamweaver – the category list shortcodes. Do also take a look at their new page builder.