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An overview of the WordPress Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins on the marked. It will automatically take care of the site’s technical SEO.

I have added articles to show the settings of a few SEO plugins. The All in One SEO plugin and The SEO Framework plugin. To give an overview of what features each offer.

There is also a Yoast SEO Premium plugin which contain these premium features.
– Optimize the site for the right keywords for your users.
– Avoid dead links.
– Previews before sharing posts on Twitter and Facebook.
– Quality and link suggestions.
– Full Access to Yoast SEO academy.

The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin settings overview

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin General settings
Yoast SEO WordPress plugin General settings.

General, Integrations, Search Appearance, Social, Tools, Workouts and Redirects.


Dashboard, Features, Integrations, Webmaster Tools, Crawl settings (premium) and First-time configuration.


Problems – This section will list various problems that show up on the site that needs to be fixed.
Notifications – Various notifications to help improve the SEO on the site.


Toggle to enable / disable some of the settings.
Such as SEO analysis – suggests ways to improve the SEO of your text.
How to use Yoast SEO’s content analysis tool.
Readability analysis – offers suggestions to improve the structure and style of your text.
Does readability rank? On ease of reading and SEO.
Inclusive language analysis (Premium and Beta)
Inclusive language
Cornerstone content – Lets you mark and filter cornerstone content (most important content) on your website.
What is cornerstone content?

Additional settings: Text link counter, Insights, Link suggestions (premium), XML sitemaps, Admin bar menu, Security, Usage tracking, Rest API, Enhanced Slack sharing and IndexNow.

Webmaster Tools

Add a Webmaster Tools verification for Baidu, Bing, Google and Yandex search engines.

Crawl settings (Premium)

Makes crawling more efficient.
Shortlinks, REST API links, RSD / WLW links, oEmbed links, Generator tag, Emoji scripts, Pingback, Powered by HTTP header. Many additional settings.

First-time configuration

A wizard to help Yoast SEO index the site.


Yoast SEO integrations with third party products.
Disable / Enable the integrations.

Search Appearance

General, Content Types, Media, Taxonomies, Archives, Breadcrumbs and RSS.


Title Separator, Homepage & Post page, Knowledge Graph & Schema.org.

Content Types

Posts and Pages.


Media & attachment URLs


Categories, Tags, Formats and Category URLs.


Author archives, Date archives and Special pages.


Breadcrumbs settings.


RSS feed settings and Available variables.


Accounts – Organization’s social profiles, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest social media settings.


Import and Export, File editor, Bulk editor, Optimize SEO data.

Workouts (Premium)

Step by step workouts to tackle the most fundamental SEO challenges.

Redirects (Premium)

Redirects, Regex Redirects and Settings.

Additional information will be added along the way.

Original article was published 19 March 2015. Updated 9 April 2017.


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