Theme backend Mockup.

WordPress theme browser mockups

(Post originally posted 27 August 2013. I added it to the newly recreated web site to show history. I might even update this blog post at a future time.)

I took part in todays THX38 (Theme Experience) chat where we discussed different solutions that various theme manufacturers use for their own themes and talked about mockups for the new Theme preview experience.

Other sites mentioned:

Here are some mockups: 
Emil created this mockup:

WordPress Themes quick draft by Emil.

Themes page from the new experimental plugin:

Hover current theme -suggestion by Emil.

shaunandrews created this mockup:

Shaun Andrews theme browser mockup.
Shaun Andrews theme browser mockup.

I made a mix of both.

One of the stumbling blocks for new users today is creating a child theme. Understanding that what they customize in their theme might be overwritten when they update the theme. We need to find a simpler way to handle this.

Some options as I see them:

  1. Have an obvious button called Child theme next to Customize as I have created in the two below mockups.
  2. The first option in the Customizer could be Create a Child Theme.
  3. Keeping it mostly invisible in the background. Clicking Activate Theme automatically creates a Child Theme.
    Called perhaps something like Twenty Eleven in use/Child, or some other unique extension.
Theme backend Mockup.
Theme backend Mockup.

When the installed themes cover more then a line it just pushes “Discover Themes” downward.
Another mockup I made.

Theme Backend Mockup
Theme Backend Mockup


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